What is VR Platinum?

High Performance Traders are always looking for that next tool to give them an edge.  Leibovit VR Newsletters introduces VR Platinum.  We believe that VR Platinum is that tool, an educational tool. Active investors are turning more and more to short-term trading (1 to 5 days). This growing niche of "swing" traders know that timing is everything. These short-term moves are too quick for large institutional players and allows the independent investor an opportunity to really profit from market volatility. VR Platinum is the tool discriminating investors are looking for. It signals traders what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell with its pre-market and bulletins.  Often, trades are triggered by the formation of Leibovit Positive VRs  (Volume Reversals) and Leibovit Negative VRs (Volume Reversals).  Volume Reversal is a registered trademark



Who Built VR Platinum?

VR Platinum has been developed by nationally recognized market technician and former Wall Street Elf with Louis Rukeyser, Mark Leibovit. You may also know Mark Leibovit from his thirty-years as a 'Market Monitor' guest with Paul Kangas on PBS' The Nightly Business Report.  This methodology has been the focus of his research for nearly FORTY years! His trading strategy provides clearly defined risk-management guidelines based on his technical volume indicators.

VR Platinum IS UNIQUE!

Why You Need VR Platinum!

This is your opportunity to watch and learn from a nationally ranked market timer! You've heard of dozens of methods of technical analysis but many have been diluted time and again by the sheer mass of traders that use them. This is your chance to profit from VR Platinum's unique and proprietary approach to short-term trading opportunities. VR Platinum's methodologies and tools are not freely available to other market technicians or strategists. This gives you a strong competitive advantage!

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VR Platinum offers education and stock ideas including entry points, targets, stops for individual stocks and stock indexes (Exchange Traded Funds -ETFs) and other valuable information regarding short-term timing signals for the overall market. All of these are sent to your email, as well as being posted on the website. VR Platinum is published pre-market and with intraday bulletins as needed daily Monday thru Thursday.