What is the Leibovit Volume Reversal?

While the exact formula for the Leibovit Volume Reversalâ„¢ or the Leibovit VR (Volume Reversal or VR) has remained proprietary for over thirty years, it is based upon an analysis of volume. The Volume Reversal serves to identify and validate a particular type of reversal environment where a shift in market control from buyers to sellers or sellers to buyers occurs, resulting in a change in market direction.

When a VR signal is generated, it is anticipated that a market price movement will follow through in the direction of the Volume Reversal. Leibovit Volume Reversal's can appear as a Positive Volume Reversal (a Positive VR or a VR+) and as a Negative Volume Reversal (a Negative VR or a VR-) Because a VR+ occurs on increased volume in an upward action, it is displayed on your charts directly below the bar that generated it. Conversely, when a Negative VR occurs on a downward action, the VR- is plotted above the bar that generated it. These are mutually exclusive conditions and it is not possible to have both a Positive VR and a Negative VR on the same bar.

Mark Leibovit has utilized his VR indicators for well over thirty-five years for individual stock selection and market timing. The Leibovit Volume Reversal indicators are versatile and can be used across markets for:

* trend analysis

* short-term trading

* mid-term trading

* long-term trading

* overall broad market timing

The Leibovit Volume Reversal can also act as a complimentary indicator component to your existing trading system. As with any approach in the market there are inherent risks. It is important to familiarize yourself with this product before you use it.

There are four key indicators:

* VR Sequential

* VR Directional

* VR 2-Day

* VR Watchlist

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