What is the Leibovit Volume Reversal?

The Volume Reversal serves to identify and validate a particular type of reversal environment where a shift in market control from buyers to sellers or sellers to buyers occurs, resulting in a change in market direction. We rarely ever see a change of market direction without a change in the direction of volume and Mark Leibovit's excellent 'Market-Timing' credentials stand testimony to the validity of this valuable indicator. The VR is now available on the eSignal platform, (version 11.8 or newer), in clear 'green' (buy) and 'red' (sell) VR signals, providing clear indication of the actions of 'smart money'.

Gain a competitive edge when the VR signals the moment buyers have turned to sellers or sellers to buyers.

Gain a competitive trading edge as the VR is versatile across all markets: stocks, ETFs and futures.

Focus in and apply the powerful VR to all trading time frames from 5 minutes to monthly.

Choose from the Leibovit VR Sequential, Leibovit VR Directional or the Leibovit 2-Day indicator – all available for the same low monthly price.

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