Because of the great response to my April 25th 'No Holds Barred' Webinar, I planning another on on May 9th. Sign up today and receive the same special $69.00 price for the opportunity to ask questions on any subject. The previous Webinar ran two hours! Coverage includes the Cannabis/Marijuana sector, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gold/Silver and, of course,  the overall stock market!

Mark Leibovit's VRTrader 90-minute April 25th Webinar (actually ran two hours), but if you missed it, here's another chance! The attendees loved it! The April 25th Webinar was the first Webinar like this Mark has ever done! That's in 37 years! And now, he is doing a second.

This is an exceptional opportunity to hear TIMER DIGEST's top market-timer and internationally recognized expert in stock-picking and market forecasting and be able to communicate your questions directly to him during the Webinar.

Discussion included the next big rush in the Cannabis/Marijuana sector, the future of Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Gold and Silver.

And, hear any of Mark's new ideas - some of which do not appear in his newsletters. It is live. It is special. ! And, you will hear his money making ideas and strategies.

In this exclusive presentation viewers had the opportunity to request specific comments on any individual stock or index which were analyzed by Mark live during the presentation. Questions were submitted during the webinar via the webinar's chat function.

In addition, as a special bonus to registrants, Mark's Cannabis/Vice Letter is still available at the special discounted price of $39 per quarter (regularly $430.00 annually).

As an added bonus, you will be offered the opportunity to subscribe to future webinars at a discounted price.

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