The VR Vice Letter 


Not only is 'vice investing' fun and exciting, but it can be financially prudent, especially in cyclic economies and markets.

The pursuit of a good time and the good life are universal goals. 

Not only is “vice investing” fun but it can be quite financially sound, especially when the timing is correct. 

Companies that derive a significant portion of their revenues from products or services considered socially questionable are covered and traded herein. 

The weekly VR Vice Newsletter (and bulletins) provide investors, portfolio managers, and traders unique insights, opinions, and recommendations on "sin" or "vice" equities which include cannabis (marijuana), alcohol, weapons and defense, gaming, entertainment, cruise lines, luxury goods, jewelry, cars (e.g., Tesla), fast food restaurants, and even big pharma (drugs are Vice too!).



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Mark Leibovit, CIMA, AIF, is Chief Market Strategist for the VR Vice Letter. His technical expertise is in overall market timing and stock selection based upon his proprietary VOLUME REVERSAL methodology and Annual Forecast Model.

Mr. Leibovit is well known for forecasting accurate signals of trend direction and reversals in the equity, metals and futures markets. He has historical experience recognizing bull and bear markets and signaling alerts prior to market crashes.

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Do you know there are dozens of publicly traded cannabis-related stocks? Some say there are as many as 200 and we keep digging daily to find them. The legalization of cannabis for both recreational and medical use has created a new 'gold rush' of investment opportunity.

In the U.S., consumers have an appetite for luxury. The emerging middle class in China is buying automobiles and engaging in international travel. In Russia, the nouveau rich are sipping champagne and eating caviar. Whoever they are and wherever they are, consumers are spending money on more than just the basics and companies are profiting from their purchases. 

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